My Prologue Draft #1

I have finished writing my prologue for the book that I am writing and so far my friends have said that they want to read more, so share this and tell me what you think.

[ Insert Title Here]



She slammed the door open, wincing from the pain shuddering through her body, and stumbled into to the room using her uninjured hand to shut the door and bolt it shut. Willing her body to move forward, she slowly made her way to the corner of the room and collapsed. The bundle of fabric in her arm began to move. She reached her hand out to pull away a piece of the fabric, revealing her twelve month old baby girl. It began to cry as she rocked it back and forth.

“Shh,” she whispered. “It’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be fi-.”

The slam of a door caused her to jump. Leaning forward she could hear the sound of footsteps in the distance. Her baby’s cries grew louder She kissed her baby on the forehead and began to sing a song:

I sing now of the great Demeter
Of the beautiful hair,
And of her daughter Persephone
Of the lovely feet,
Whom Zeus let Hades tear away
From her mother’s harvests
And friends and flowers—
Especially the Narcissus,
Grown by Gaia to entice the girl
As a favor to Hades, the gloomy one.
This was the flower that
Left all amazed,
Whose hundred buds made
The sky itself smile.
When the maiden reached out
To pluck such beauty,
The earth opened up
And out burst Hades …
The son of Kronos,
Who took her by force
On his chariot of gold,
To the place where so many
Long not to go.
Persephone screamed,
She called to her father,
All-powerful and high, …
But Zeus had allowed this.
He sat in a temple
Hearing nothing at all,
Receiving the sacrifices of
Supplicating men

Suddenly the door exploded and she raised her arm to protect her baby from the wood and dust flying across the room. Lifting her head she saw the faces of three creatures as ugly as ugly could be.

“Who are you?,” she yelled holding her baby tighter. “And what do you want?”

“Now now Aceline,” one of the creatures purred. “Don’t pretend like you don’t remember us.”

Aceline did know them. She knew them very well.  Clotho, the thinnest of the three, was the spinner of the thread of life, Lachesis, the ugliest,  was the measurer of life, and Atropos, the shortest, was the ender of life. With just one snip of Atropos’ scissor you would be just another lifeless soul floating in the depths of the underworld with no sense of purpose, no sense of remembrance, and no sense of time. She wasn’t going to let this become of her baby girl.

“I know exactly what you are,” she snapped back. “A bunch of bumbling idiots blindly following after Hades like a dog to a master. Well even a dog wouldn’t kill an innocent child if its master kicked and hit him until he died.”

“Oh!” Clotho chuckled. “You think we’ve hunted you down for years to kill the unfortunate baby that you’ve birthed. Of course not!”

“But don’t worry,” Lachesis interrupted. “That time will come soon enough.”

“Enough!” Atropos. “We’ve delayed this soon enough. There are more pressing matters to address. Clotho give me the string, now!”

Clotho reached into the satchel tied around her side and pulled out a string faintly emitting a soft gold glow. Clotho scowled at the sight.

“Look at this,” she said scrunching her misshapen nose. “A true god’s string would be ten times as strong, blinding to the human eye, but here we have a fake, a terr-.”

Lachesis snatched the string from her pulling it straight right to the end where it was beginning to fray.

“It seems that your life was already beginning to shorten because of your recent mishap,” she said glancing down at the baby clutched in Aceline’s arms. She handed the string to Atropos. She took it in silence and began to make her way over the rubble. She stood before Aceline peering into her eyes almost as if she could see into her deepest thought, but all Aceline could see on Atropos were two empty black pits sunken into her face.

“That was beautiful, what you were saying before,” she said her face inching closer. “Oh the songs of Persephone; her story isn’t unlike your own. T wo young women as beautiful as a summer’s day, both condemned to live a life they never wanted to live. There separation between you and her is that your fate will be one-hundred fold what hers was.”

“Go on,” she said whispering in Aceline’s ear. “Tell your poor little babe your last words.”

Tears began to roll down Aceline’s face as Atropos began loosening the knot holding a gleaming pair of scissors by her side.

She loosened the clothe around her baby’s face and brought her closer to her chest.

“Lizzie,” she said softly. “My beautiful, sweet Elizabeth I’m so sorry that I couldn’t stay to protect you. I wanted to. I really wanted to, but my fate has caught up to me and it’s time for me to go. But I’m not worried about you one bit because I know that you’re going to become a strong, determined, and loyal young woman.

“You’ll be stubborn like your father,” she chuckled. “And brave like me.”

Aceline carefully placed her daughter down beside her. She kissed her forehead and whispered, “Always remember that even the darkest of nights has a shining star.”

She looked up at the three Fates standing before her and said, “I’m ready.”

And with one snip the string fell to the floor in two pieces, now as dull as her lifeless body.




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