It is NOT a Poinsettia

A Mangora gibberosa.

         It was

                       It is

                                       It was

weaving magenta ribbons      of Mesh

like a    May festival dress made

for a princess

It was Beautiful.

A Narcissus Daffodil.

It was

                         Always was

Dull         rotting Milk

Swaying in the wind like

The     damp  golden curls of a

Dancing toddler

It was ugly.

An Aquilegia.

It was

                It should be

as suffocating as the smell of      


Left to    burn in the sun

But    it is sweet

Fresh honeydew.

A Coccinella Trifasciata


                   It isn’t

subtle like the  vapour from

the pot of slack Brandy    boiling on a

rusted stove

It is a Beatle.

It is    Nothing.

It is

                It was

It isn’t

                   It should be

Everything, but

It is Not

as cool as      the ocean breeze

as soft as        an owl feather

as smooth as   a sun-kissed stone

It Is Not a Poinsettia


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