My First Book

(The Cover of my Book is Up Above)


I can’t believe that this is done. I just published my first book. This started as a half-assed project for school, but it turned into so much more. When I first began this project I chose to forgo writing a fantasy book because I didn’t want my first fantasy novel to be published through Amazon at my (admittedly) young age. Instead I chose to approach a genre of literature that has always been at a deep (very deep) place in my mind; poetry. I wanted to challenge myself and I figured that a small poetry book would be a good start for my writing career. I also did not choose to publish a novel because I am still trying to find my voice, and I know that I have a lot more to learn.

I attended a five week creative writing class at NYU that help me see the reality of being in the writing business. I learned about writing queries, and about how not every writer makes it big with their works. I learned that many writers are also teachers because they can not make enough off of their books. This did not come as a huge shock to me because I already had been considering a job in education to go alongside my writing career. I was also the youngest in the class. While most of the other students were seniors getting ready for college, I was still a wide-eyed freshman marveling in their accomplishments. A few of them have won writing contests, contests that I have always been too scared to sign up for. I ended up becoming friends with them, some of whom I still keep in contact with.

After I finished the class, I began to write poetry based off of memories in my head and experiences I had in the boroughs of New York. I conducted interviews of people who have been living in New York for a while and I realized that, although the interviews were really useful to incorporate in my book, to write about the boroughs I would have to be in the borough to really capture the moment. So I decided to sync schedules with my best friend, Teodora, who was traveling around New York’s dessert shops for her project. For the next two weeks I traveled around New York. Teodora bought countless desserts, while I wrote in coffee shops, on the subway, and even as I walked from store to store. Being a Long Islander, this was a wonderful and exciting experience because it was such a contrast to my life of sitting in my room in Long Island while watching TV. As we went to every borough, even Staten Island, I actually saw how fast paced New York was, and how everything never ceased to move. This was the inspiration for my title; The City Stops For No One.

I decided to use Amazon as my publishing platform because I knew that I was not going to get any real query responds for a amateur poetry book, written by a fifteen year old. I just wanted a way for people to actually buy my book if it looked appealing to them. I can not even fully describe the feeling I felt when I finally published my book, which happens to be on the very day that I am posting this. I felt happy, proud, and everything in between. This gave me more motivation to work on my craft and finally publish the fantasy novel that I have dreamed about since elementary school. I am forever grateful for this project because it forced me to get out of the house for one and to enjoy life with my friends. It forced me to make connections and it made my friendships stronger. It filled me with experiences that made me a better and smarter writer.


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